How do I log in?

Make sure you have navigated to the correct URL. The format should be XXXXXX.blackbox.pionen.net (where XXXXXX is personal to you).

After signing up you get a mail with your personal URL included. If you have not received this mail you can also find your personal URL by navigating to your Blackbox subscription on billing.bahnhof.cloud.

If it is the first time you log in, you must set a password by using the reset password button under the login pane. 

After logging in you will be met by the homepage.

  1. In the top left you will find your main menu where you can navigate to your library of files, photos and more by clicking on the respective icons.
  2. On the right side you will find global search, settings to manage your user, and notifications. To manage your settings, click on the user avatar and choose ”Settings”.

  1. Download and install the client installer from Nextcloud. Find it on https://nextcloud.com/install/, on Google Play or App Store.
  2. Input your personal URL when asked for your server address.

  3. Follow the steps to confirm that your device should have access to the server.
  4. Configure sync options on the client as per your liking.

  5. Connect!
  1. In the file view, click the user avatar with a plus sign next to the file or folder you want to share.
  2. In the right pane that slides out, you have several sharing options.

    Importantly, there are two different ways to share files:

    1. Via link

      When you use the ”Share link” funtionality you create a link with which anyone can access the file without logging in. After creating a link, you have the option to set read/write permissions and password protection by clicking ”…”. 

    2. Via user permissons
      If you add a user in the ”Search for share recipients” pane, they will receive an email link to the file or folder location, but they have to log in to access the file. This is because you have delegated permissions to their user to access the file. If you want to share a link manually for letting the user navigate to the file more easily, it is important that you copy and share the ”Internal link” intended to work for users on the platform. Otherwise you will open new access via link as per bulletpoint 1. Via link.
  1. Click on the user profile in the top right and go to settings.
  2. Under menu item “Notifications” you will find options to enable or disable push notifications and mail notifications.

You must enable end-to-end encryption from a client (not through the web) and you can enable it for specific folders. When you enable this for a folder, you will not be able to open, view, edit or search the files in the folder in the web interface. The folder contents will only be available on clients that have the encryption keys configured on them.

To enable end-to-end encryption on your desktop client:

  1. Open the client and navigate to settings

  2. Right click on an empty folder you want to encrypt and choose “Encrypt”

  3. You will be asked to set up end-to-end encryption on the device, click “OK” and then choose your passphrase (you must remember this if you want to access the data from another device)

  4. After enabling encryption on the device, you will have to redo step 2 for encryption to take effect (this is only the case when you do this for the first time). Right click on the folder you want to encrypt and choose “Encrypt”
  5. When you have successfully encrypted a folder, a green padlock will appear beside the folder name. Now you can drop files into this folder via the file explorer, and they will be encrypted before they are synced to Blackbox/Nextcloud

WARNING: If you lose your passphrase you will lose the data you have encrypted. Bahnhof cannot recover this data in any way.

All files that are not in encrypted folders are searched through when you use the search functionality. Encrypted files cannot be searched for because only you can decrypt the data.

All files that are not encrypted end-to-end searchable, even photos and scanned PDFs due to the text recognition functionality. If you have encrypted a folder end-to-end the files in it will not be searchable and not visible in the web interface.

Nextcloud is the open-source platform that Blackbox is powered by. That is why you see the Nextcloud branding when you log in. You see the platform as it is presented in the open-source project. Bahnhof does not alter the code for the sake of transparancy. Open-souce, non-altered. When we say transparency, we mean it.

If you have automatic sync enabled on clients on your dektop or mobile phone, the files are uploaded automatically. If you want to upload a file manually you can:

  1. Navigate to the file view using the menu in the top left
  2. Click “+ New” and choose upload files

You can reset your password by using the reset password button under the login pane on your personal URL. If you have forgotten your encryption passphrase for end-to-end encrypted folders we cannot help you recover the data, since this is a security feature of end-to-end encryption and by design.

This is achieved by sharing an empty folder with permissions “File drop”. The person with the link to the folder does not have to log in.

  1. Create a new empty folder in the file view
  2. Share it via link and choose permissions “File drop”

Please visit billing.bahnhof.cloud and cancel the subscription via the product page there

Please visit billing.bahnhof.cloud where you can manage your product and purchase more storage

Blackbox is dimensioned for 1-3 users accessing and using the service simultaneously. Any more than this and we cannot guarantee the platform is as responsive as designed.