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ImagineCare revolutionises Swedish healthcare with Bahnhof Cloud

With ImagineCare, Swedish healthcare is making the leap into the Internet of Things era. Their cloud-based care platform enables self-monitoring, a new form of care that allows patients to measure their own health parameters from home. Thousands of patients are already connected, 24/7. Patient safety places high demands on the operational and data security of the platform, which is why Bahnhof Cloud was chosen as the cloud provider.

– Every patient has a smart measuring device in their home, wirelessly connected to our app. This could be a blood pressure monitor for high blood pressure, a spirometer for asthmatics or instruments for other chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart failure. All measured values are sent directly to the healthcare provider through the OpenStack-based platform operated in Bahnhof’s data centre, says Mattias Lantz, CTO ImagineCare.

Region Östergötland and Region Jämtland Härjedalen are connected, and the benefits of self-monitoring are many. It leads both to higher quality of care for the patient and more efficient management for the healthcare system:

– The healthcare provider can better follow the patients’ values over time and adapt the medication, for example. If a value deviates, healthcare professionals are alerted immediately and can often act before the patient’s condition deteriorates. In turn, the patient receives continuous contact with the healthcare system and more effective treatment, which many patients feel gives them greater security. It also avoids unnecessary healthcare visits.

The platform is developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and, thanks to Bahnhof Cloud, is fully scalable to meet new needs. Thousands of devices’ metrics are captured, analysed and reported simultaneously. In addition, all operational and data security requirements set by the regions are met.

– ImagineCare is a medical device, which means there are high regulatory requirements. It is critical that everything works and that the data is processed securely; it is a matter of patient safety. The regions no longer accept US cloud providers because of the Cloud Act legislation, so that was never an option. With Bahnhof, all the requirements are met.

ImagineCare has now been running in Bahnhof Cloud for just over a year, and Mattias Lantz is more than satisfied.

– There have been no problems at all, it just works. Self-monitoring as a form of care will become increasingly common in the future, and now we have a robust infrastructure that we will be able to grow both in Sweden and internationally.

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