Our data centers

Sweden's most environmentally friendly and modern data center

Modern infrastructure for every need

Fully redundant power

UPS systems that filter out interference. Backup batteries and diesel generators.

Cooling systems

Redundant cooling production that eliminates the risk of interruptions. Our cooling systems also take care of the heat from the servers.

Fire protection

Our advanced systems detect smoke immediately. Inside the server halls, we have gas extinguishers that smother the flames without affecting operations.

Precise electricity billing

Pay only for the electricity you use. Centrally monitored fusing gives you accurate billing information. All standard types of fuses are offered, both 1-phase and 3-phase.

Secure storage on Swedish soil

We take security seriously, which is why your solution is run in Sweden’s most modern data center, entirely under Bahnhof’s auspices. All our facilities are certified by Based in Sweden which guarantees 100% secure storage on Swedish soil, under Swedish law. This provides maximum protection against eavesdropping, corporate espionage and government surveillance.

Our facilities

Pionen (Stockholm)

World-renowned data center in a Cold War nuclear shelter. The facility is protected by a massive steel door and is tucked under the White Mountains on Södermalm, in the center of Stockholm.

Thule (Stockholm)

Sweden’s most central data center. In the heart of Stockholm, deep in the Brunkebergsåsen, lies one of Stockholm’s largest data centers with unparalleled connectivity to Sweden’s fibre network.

Sparven (Malmö)

Our data center Sparven is located in the Lugnet area of Malmö. Here, fibre and copper from all over the city converge to provide unparalleled connectivity to Europe and the world.

S:t Erik (Stockholm)

On the outskirts of Vasastan in Stockholm, on the border of Haga Norra, lies our data center St Erik.


ISO 27001 Certificate No: FIHSK27039F

elementica bahnhof

Elementica (Stockholm) – our largest data center

Our largest and most environmentally friendly facility to date, in the heart of the modern Norra Djurgårdsstaden area of central Stockholm.

Low latency, high reliability and room for large operating environments. You can also rent office space adjacent to the server halls.

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