Facility information: Pionen data centre

Renstiernas gata 37, Stockholm

Shell protection

Shell protection structured in three levels with individually set rights.



The facility is certified to protection class 3 according to SSF 200.
The facility is certified to alarm class 3 according to SSF 130.



Intruder alarm connected to NOC and security company.


Camera system and access system

Camera surveillance available in all areas, the material is stored for 6 months. The access system logs all accesses, and logs are stored for at least 6 months.



Extinguishing system with aspirating detection, with its own extinguishing centre directly connected to SOS & Bahnhof’s own NOC

Extinguishing agent: Novec 1230

Extinguishing agent diesel aggregate: Forrex



Switchgear with 11kV transformers connected directly to the public grid.

A total of 1 UPS with internal redundancy of the Eaton 9395 model with a total output power of 1.1 MW.

Redundancy ratio internal UPM: N+1

Battery life at maximum load: 12 minutes

All batteries are lead-acid batteries.


Backup power

Total output power of 1.8 MW.

2 MTU V16 with individual extinguishing systems for each machine

Redundancy ratio: N+1



Main cooling:

2 heat pumps with 500kW cooling power each

Redundancy ratio: N+1


Secondary cooling:

2 liquid cooling units of 300kW cooling power each

Redundancy ratio: N+1


The data centers cooling is produced by Stultz floor fan coolers.

Based in Sweden logo

Secure storage on Swedish soil

We take security seriously, which is why your solution is run in Sweden’s most modern data centre, entirely under Bahnhof’s auspices. All our facilities are certified by Based in Sweden which guarantees 100% secure storage on Swedish soil, under Swedish law. This provides maximum protection against eavesdropping, corporate espionage and government surveillance. Read more at basedinsweden.se.

Modern infrastructure for all needs

Fully redundant power

UPS systems that filter out disturbances and backup with batteries and diesel generators.

Cooling system

Redundant cooling production that eliminates the risk of interruptions. Our cooling systems also take care of the heat from the servers.

Fire protection

Our advanced systems detect smoke immediately. Inside the server halls, we have gas extinguishers that smother the flames without affecting operations.

Accurate electricity billing

Pay only for the electricity you use. Centrally monitored fuses give you an accurate billing basis. All standard types of fuses are offered, both 1-phase and 3-phase.