Cloud VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Cloud-based workstations powered by NVIDIA graphic cards

Powerful cloud-based workstations for architects, designers, engineers and game developers.

Demanding CAD, movie editing, post production and much more without fuzz and without costly hardware.

Our VDI workstations are super responsive with high speed data transfer over our own fiber network.

Choose your VDI workstation

A Teradici license is included in all packages. Contact us if you want to buy your own license (BYOL).



Suitable for remote work with high definition videoconferencing and media playback.

259 EUR

per month


Perfect for CPU based rendering, video editing and other demanding tasks.

939 EUR

per month


Extra power for advanced CAD, game development, VFX and GPU -intense video editing.

1 069 EUR

per month

Graphic cards from NVIDIA

Hardware accelleration with NVIDIA A16 and A40 graphic cards. Support for OpenGL, SDK, DirectX, CUDA, OpenCL and Capture.


Remote desktop software with an unbeatable user experience. It’s just as if you were working on your local computer.


All team members can work on the same workstation with Parsec. Assign access to applications and share files seamlessly.

Windows & Linux

Choose the desktop environment suitable for the applications you need: Windows or Linux.

Quick, quick, quick response

Lightning fast response on resource intense applications. There is simply no lag.

Multi-monitor setups

Work smoothly in several heavy applications on different monitors.

Access from all devices

Use your VDI workstation in all your devices, running  Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or Linux.

Your data is safe

Our workstations run out of our own data centers, with the same strong physical, technical and legal protection as our own systems.

Use cases

3D rendering/CAD for product development

Instant access to all the resources that you need for intense and complex 3D modelling. Save time and avoid time consuming hardware maintenance. Your sensitive data is securely stored in Bahnhofs data center: you decide who has access to your files.

Game development

Secure rendering capacity for you and your colleagues. Easily adjust the components in your VDI workstation when you need more resourses, and keep working as usual on your normal computer. All data is protected in our data centers.

Architects and property developers

VDI gives you and your team access to virtual super computers accessible from the home and from your office – no more need to strain your computer with complex CAD files. It has never been easier to handle large, resource demanding 3D house plans.

Film production and VFX

Your VDI work station makes all your video editing and post production work smoother than it ever was. All members of your team will easily access as much computer power is required even for the most demanding projects. And you can also share them simply between you, regardless of where in the world you are.

Thin clients for everyone in the office

Save physical space and costs at the office with thin clients for all co-workers. They can all access the same desktop environment wherever they are, and you can effortlessly scale up and down the computer resources without having to buy expensive hardware.

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