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Bahnhof Cloud

Your own secure, fast and scalable cloud in Sweden

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) from 15 EURO/month
Ubuntu Nginx Jitsi MongoDB Kubernetes Rabbitmq

By system developers, for system developers

Transparency and open source are part of Bahnhof’s DNA. We offer Sweden's most advanced cloud platforms in our own data centers, which meet all Swedish legal requirements.

You choose what you want to use of our infrastructure. We don’t believe in lock-in. We're open, reasoning and there for you who don't want to deal with unavailable support in foreign cloud services.

Run Kubernetes
on Bahnhof Cloud

Powerful platforms in Swedish data centers. Perfect for those who work according to the DevOps model. Smooth set-up and navigation with Rancher and Helms.

Run S3
on Bahnhof Cloud

Object storage in Sweden with S3, for those who want to move from AWS to a secure solution in Sweden. Easy and flexible administration on MinIO.

Run PostgreSQL & MySQL
on Bahnhof Cloud

Lightning-fast deployment in Sweden's best cloud native environment on OpenStack, with powerful ETL tools.

Run Nextcloud
on Bahnhof Cloud

Secure, encrypted data traffic on a Swedish cloud for your company's file storage, emails and calendars. Ideal for journalists, banks, lawyers and medtech companies.

Run AWS SQS alternatives
on Bahnhof Cloud

The best open source tools for those chasing performance and cost, including RabbitMQ. With us, you avoid lock-in and dependency on AWS.

Run graphics & computing clusters on Bahnhof Cloud

Render graphics and run powerful machine learning applications on Nvidia hardware. For architects, industrial designers and media companies.

Run VDI desktops
on Bahnhof Cloud

Your own virtual private desktop. Perfect for trade shows, conferences and wherever you don't want to use a physical computer. The service is set up with Teradici.

Run the Indiana Jones package on Bahnhof Cloud

Tired of being an archaeologist in your legacy IT systems? We help you move to the best cloud platforms in Sweden with native cloud environment, built on OpenStack.

Secure and environmentally friendly data centers in Sweden

Data centers built for your cloud

Bahnhof operates five large data centers in Sweden, where your cloud services are run. We guarantee the security for thousands of companies, startups and government agencies.

Lightning-fast clouds with LAN feeling!

We are one of the largest network operators in the Nordics, with data centers in the heart of Sweden's major cities. The advantage is ultra-low latency with lightning-fast network performance (100 Gbit/s).

Full redundancy and maximum security

All services run on platforms with maximum security and redundancy. We run a large-scale OpenStack environment with full redundancy and the power of cloud native.

Greener than the Matrix!

Excess heat from our data centers is reused to heat homes. We also use only fossil-free energy to run Bahnhof Cloud.

Explore more of our solutions


Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A simple and fast solution for cloud services, where we take care of the infrastructure for you.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

An own, secure and adapted cloud at Bahnhof. You choose memory, CPU and hard drive for your environment.


One-Click Wordpress

Create your own website in one click! The easiest way to build a blog, website or online store.



Rent physical space in our eco-friendly data centers and get access to exceptional, redundant infrastructure.


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Secure storage on Swedish soil

We take security seriously, which is why your solution is run in Sweden's most modern data center, entirely under Bahnhof's auspices. All our facilities are certified by Based in Sweden which guarantees 100% secure storage on Swedish soil, under Swedish law. This provides maximum protection against eavesdropping, corporate espionage and government surveillance.

Why you should choose Bahnhof

control data

Our own, powerful network

We operate our own fibre network with connections to the whole world. You get lightning-fast response times and the lowest possible latency to our cloud services and data centers wherever you are.

swedish juristiction

Maximum safety and uptime

Our security-rated data centers are monitored around the clock and have redundant power, cooling and network capacity. We therefore deliver unbeatable uptime for all our services.

protected data

You own your data

We never disclose information to third parties and all your data stays in Sweden. Bahnhof's infrastructure is therefore a natural choice for GPDR-compliant handling of sensitive data.

simple pricing

Environmentally friendly

Our data centers are powered by renewable electricity and are Triple Green certified. Together with local electricity companies, we recycle the excess heat to heat thousands of homes.