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Internet with Privacy

Long experience

Bahnhof has been delivering fast, secure and affordable internet services to individuals and businesses since 1994, and is today one of Sweden’s leading internet and telecom providers with over 400,000 customers.

We offer our customers maximum security against surveillance, corporate espionage and leaks – something that is becoming increasingly important as society goes digital. With our own fibre network, we guarantee fast and reliable access to our cloud services and data centres wherever you are.

You can find us in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Umeå, Borlänge and Kiev.

Visit our websites:

Bahnhof.se – Broadband and online services for businesses and individuals
Bahnhof.cloud – Cloud services, colocation and data centres

Sweden's best internet provider

Bahnhof once again came in first place when customers had their say in the Nordic Bench survey.

Sweden's most satisfied customers

Bahnhof once again won first place in the category of customer satisfaction for broadband customers in the Swedish Quality Index survey 2021.

Fastest broadband in Sweden

Bahnhof has Sweden’s fastest broadband according to the test tool Bredbandskollen 2019

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