Kubernetes Infrastructure

Cloud-based resources for container orchestration

Streamline your resources with automated clusters

Now it’s easier than ever to deploy and maintain container-based applications at scale. Build your Kubernetes environment on our powerful platform!

Get your resources in a few clicks!


Proven expertise

We provide cloud infrastructure solutions for a diverse range of clients, from public administrations to leading game developers.

Low costs

Kubernetes requires less resources than traditional methods such as virtualization.

Your needs in focus

We provide the exact amount of capacity you need for your clusters.

Secure storage in Sweden

You data is safely stored in Bahnhof’s security-rated data centers, all in Sweden.


You choose exactly the resources you need. Choose whether you want your Kubernetes platform in a shared or dedicated environment. Scale up and down as needed.


With our redundant data centres and stable fibre networks across the Nordics, your Kubernetes environment is always available, without interruption.

Cloud platform 24/7

Easy access to the orchestration system wherever you are.


Kubernetes enables scalable and flexible orchestration of your applications across multiple environments.

Low latency

Lightning-fast data routing thanks to Bahnhof's own network with connections to the whole world.

Use cases

Application development

Develop advanced applications with microservice architecture. Kubernetes optimizes resource usage and automatically scales individual components through container orchestration and load balancing. We provide the computational power required, all according to your requirements.

Machine learning

Streamline the development of AI models with tools like Kubeflow and Neptune. With Kubernetes on the cloud, scheduling and resource scaling are automated so you can focus on the new insights and solve real-world problems.

Internet of things

Implement a secure and stable cloud-based orchestration system for IoT applications. Kubernetes allocates the resources in order to handle massive amounts of live data so you can interact with thousands of connected devices simultaneously.

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