Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Cloud services quickly and easily

Choose the solution that fits your needs

Create your own cloud service in no time! We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on your digital application. Bahnhof VPS is a quick and easy way to secure your online presence.



10 Euro

per month


39 Euro

per month


78 Euro

per month


From 17 Euro

per month

All prices exclude VAT


No commitment period

With Bahnhof VPS, you get affordable hosting with no commitment period.​

Simple and reliable

It’s easy to set up a virtual instance that is constantly online.

Smooth availability

Access your data directly on the cloud and avoid local storage in the office.​

Secure storage in Sweden

Your data is safely stored in Bahnhof’s security-rated data centers, all in Sweden.


With this modular cloud platform, you can build powerful applications for all your needs.

Reliable data storage

Our large set of fast hard drives guarantees redundancy and fast response time

Floating IP

Assign multiple public IP addresses to your applications.

Networking and routing

Lightning-fast data routing thanks to Bahnhof's own network with connections to the whole world.


Purchase additional SSL certificates for complete communication security.

Use cases

Simple E-Commerce

Start a complete online store by installing WooCommerce or OpenCart on our VPS – a simple and affordable alternative to a physical server. You get the same complete control, but much higher reliability and capacity.

Test your applications

For those who regularly build web applications or bespoke server solutions, our VPS is a suitable test environment. It’s cheaper than a dedicated server, and everything is conveniently available on the cloud, so you can build faster while maintaining security. ​

GDPR-compliant backup server

With us, your data is protected in our own data centers on Swedish territory. Your virtual server is GDPR-compliant, always up and running and responds lightning fast thanks to our own network. Our VPS is therefore ideal for easy backup storage of sensitive information.​