Accelerated Computing

Outstanding computing power, optimal for private AI clusters.

Strengthen your production capacity today

Get access to unbeatable computing power without buying expensive hardware. With Bahnhof in charge of your capabilities, you can take on bigger projects than ever before, from research and analysis to artificial intelligence development. Accelerated computing is scalable, reliable and powerful.

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Tailor-made machine

We have the skills and resources to build a virtual machine that meets your exact criteria.

Powerful hardware

With accelerated computing power from us, I/O bottlenecks are eliminated and you get results faster.


By performing complex calculations with our hardware, you make savings on your own purchases.

Secure storage in Sweden

You data is safely stored in Bahnhof’s security-rated data centers, all in Sweden.

Exceptional computing power

Harness the power of more than 125,000 CUDA cores and up to 288GB of VRAM!

Low latency

Thanks to Bahnhof's fibre network, the response time is lightning fast and the experience is that of a local machine.


Order one of the pre-bundled solutions, or choose from the latest NVIDIA graphics cards. You only pay for what you need.

Any operating system

We support both Windows and Linux, and you can also install your own operating system.

Work anywhere

Access extreme performance both in the office and at home, without compromise.


With our redundant infrastructure, resources are always available when you need them, without interruption.

Use cases

Private AI Clusters

Build AI clusters for advanced machine learning. Our Accelerated Computing platform supports intensive AI computations and rapid data processing. Your AI models scale seamlessly, backed by secure, high-performance storage in Bahnhof’s Swedish data centers.


Combine your data and algorithms with our infrastructure to automate decision-making processes or perform predictive analytics. With accelerated computing power through our lightning-fast network, data-driven machine learning is cost-effective even for individual organisations.

Internet of things

Manage massive amounts of live data to optimize supply chains, customer experiences or fleet management in real time. We have the skills and resources for you to receive and process complex information from a multitude of connected devices simultaneously.

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